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History of Kyokushin in Bulgaria

In 1976 Sensei Andgey Drevnyak (2nd Dan at that time ) visited the town of Varna and met some people who trained Shotokan Karate.

A few trainings together were enough to convince the group that Kyokushin was a more advanced style and the group became very enthusiastic about training it. Konstantin Bozhilov Ц 2nd Dan Judo was the first who started training Kyokushin. He was very impressed with what he saw and he started to tell his friends who trained judo at that time. The same year he visited a training camp in Poland.

Next year Ц 1977 the first joint training was organized in Bulgaria under the guidance of Andgey Drevnyak with the participation of other karate fighters from Poland. At that time Poland was among the leading countries in Kyokushin in Europe and Drevnyak had been taught by Oyama Sosai. Five clubs took part in the joint training. The first who followed in the footsteps of Varna team were the teams of Lovech and Dimitrovgrad.

In 1978 a second joint training was organized under the leadership of Andgey Drevnyak and Ishtvan Adamy (Hungary), who had also been trained by Oyama Sosai. In December the next year Bulgarian Kyokushin members competed for the first time on an international tatami. Plamen Georgiev and Valentin Georgiev took part in a tournament in Krakow, Poland. Kyokushin became even more popular throughout Bulgaria and the Bulgarian clubs increased to eight.

In 1979 the first men competition was held in Bulgaria behind closed doors, because this was a time when Kyokushin was forbidden by the authorities. In spite of hardship and difficulties the number of clubs reached ten. Two summer joint trainings were organized in Varna, Bulgaria and Krakow, Poland.

In 1980 four joint trainings were organized in Varna, in Krakow and in Gyor. A second men competition was organized as well. The same year Shihan Luke Hollander Ц 7th Dan and Chairman of the European Organization, Sensei Yan Oserom Ц 5th Dan, a Secretary of the European Kyokushin Organization and Sensei Howard Collins Ц 4th Dan, a Technical Director of the European Kyokushin Organization visited Varna. These leaders of the European Kyokushin Organization visited Bulgaria to get acquainted with the young Bulgarian Kyokushin Organization. At that time the number of the clubs was already sixteen.

In 1983 Nedialko Delchinov was the first Bulgarian competitor who won a medal at the Oyama Cup Competition in Hungary. The next year Marko Markov won a silver medal at the Szolnok Cup Express Competition.

In 1984 Georgi Popov became third at the Szolnok Cup Express Competition.

In 1987 Bulgaria took part for the first time in a world championship. The participants were Nedialko Delchinov and Atanas Marinov.

In 1988 Atanas Peshev and Asen Asenov became champions in their categories at the Oyama Cup in Hungary and they won the gold medals for Bulgaria.

In 1990 Asen Asenov won the Szolnok Cup in Hungary.

In 1992 Georgi Georgiev became the first Bulgarian European champion at the European Championship in Spain.

From 1981 to 1998 the Bulgarian Organization relied on the advice and assistance of Shihan Howard Collins Ц 7th Dan, who held nineteen joint trainings and number of Kyu and Dan exams and actually contributed to the organizing and recognition of Bulgarian Kyokushin Organization.

In 1995 Ventzislav Sholin became champion of the Bulgarian Championship in Varna. And Dimitar Trampov won the Bronze medal at the European Championship in Romania.

In 1996 at the European Championship in Lithuania, Ventsislav Sholin won the prize for the most technical competitor.

In 1997 at the European Championship in Berlin Dimitar Trampov became second in the heavyweight category.

In 1999 Ventzislav Sholin won the silver prize at the European Championship in the heavyweight category and Dimitar Trampov became third.

In July 1999 the first summer training Ц seminar was held in Pravetz under the guidance of the world champion in open weight from 1991 Ц Shihan Kenji Midori. It marks the beginning of the change of training methods in Bulgaria. Shihan Midori revealed in an unique way the spirit of Kyokushin. The differences in attitude and priorities between the Eastern and Western schooling became apparent. Shihan Midori was impressed by the Bulgarian spirit and skills. His opinion is that in near future Bulgaria will have its own world champion.

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